Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday's Tidings!

1. Last week, we spend Monday and Tuesday in Disneyland! Only one of my favorite places on earth! We had so much fun and ate some really really good food! I can't wait to share with you soon!

2. Last night JACK came BACK! Yes, 24 is back and I loved the 2-hour premier. Josh and I sat down and actually watched live tv. I think the last time that happened it was when Downton Abbey was on.

3. I got my first shellac manicure almost two weeks ago and it was so awesome! So much better than a regular manicure. No chipping and the grow out isn't bad either. Well, for a French tip it isn't bad. Less noticeable probably because there isn't any color. I'm sold! Never going back to a regular manicure again.

4. There aren't to many movies I care about going to right now-but I want to see Mom's Night Out, God's Not Dead, Godzilla, and cannot wait for Malificent!!!

5. I love this wall decal! I definitely need this in my house!

6. Christian cried every time he saw someone dressed up in one of these costumes. So we never went to visit Minnie or Mickey. We saw them on their float in the parade and of course, Christian cried until they were gone, lol!

7. This Sunday, my Gracie turns 10 years old! How did this happen?? I'm almost the mother of a tween!!! Lord, help me!

8. These cat cupcakes are too cute! I think I need to make some :)

9. We finally reached 500 Likes on our FB page! If you aren't following us yet, click on over to our Catz page and Like us!

10. Have you guys seen the commercials for the Perfect Bacon Bowl? Josh and I just die laughing! We love bacon so much, but somehow this commercial makes it look so awful!


  1. I was excited about 24 too! I didn't realize it was a 2hr thing, so when the first episode was over and the second started, we were like, "Hurray!"

  2. Such a beautiful family!! I can't wait to go to Disneyland. My husband has never been, so it will be as exciting to see him there as it will be to see my kids!

    1. The first experience with Disneyland is definitely the best. Magic happens that first time. I bet he would love it!


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