Thursday, December 12, 2013

That Day I Got to Meet Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman)

I've been drooling over Ree's holiday cookbook since I learned she was releasing it. I always thought that a holiday cookbook would be so perfect for her to write. And as soon as I learned that Ree was actually coming to Portland, OR this time instead of Seattle for her book signing, I knew I had to be there.

I had put her holiday cookbook on my Amazon wish-list like eons ago, but Josh ended up buying me the cookbook (as an early Christmas gift) in correlation with the book signing. The catch was, I wasn't allowed to have, see, or touch the cookbook until the day of the signing. In fact, Josh was keeping the cookbook hostage at his office to ensure I wouldn't go snooping around the house looking for it. (Because, that is exactly what I would do.)

Along with the cookbook he bought me to get signed, we also bought the Charlie the Ranch Dog book for the girls. Grace and Eden love the Pioneer Woman, so we thought they would enjoy the book too.

The day of the book signing (which was taking place in Beaverton) I dropped off the kids with Josh's parents so I could take the MAX train to downtown Portland. (I never drive downtown.) And then Josh and I were going to take the MAX to Beaverton and walk to the signing which was 1/2 mile from the MAX station. This particular day was really cold. It was in the 20's for the high and dipped into the teen's that night. We didn't think we would be gone from the kids a real long time since we were getting there early. But we got to the bookstore and grabbed our ticket and we were informed that we probably wouldn't get our books signed till around 10pm! I was thinking maybe 8pm at the latest just based on the Lauren Conrad signing I had been to in the past. We grabbed our ticket and stepped into an abandoned book aisled and silently panicked for a moment before calling Josh's dad to fill him on the change of plans. Josh's dad (being the awesome guy he is) assured us that it was no problem and that if we were going to be there, to have fun and go out to eat. So we did.

But then 9pm rolled around and we were still a good 150 people away from our ticket number even being called, so Josh decided that he would leave me at the bookstore, and take the MAX all the way back to Clackamas, where we had parked our cars and drive to Beaverton and pick me up-an estimated 2 hour trip! I was crushed. I didn't want Josh to leave because I knew he wanted to meet her and this was something I wanted to do with him. At 9:30pm, I was a hundred people away from  my number being called, when suddenly, this really nice woman who I had chatted with earlier in the evening while we were waiting in line for the bathroom (we were talking about how shocked that so many people were there and I was explaining that my 3 kids, including my nearly 12 mth old baby were with my in.loves. and I was stressed out about being away from them this long when it was already passed their bedtime) came up to me and handed me an extra ticket to get in line right at that moment! I was so shocked! I was almost in tears and I thanked her a bazillion times. I seriously, could of hugged her. I quickly called Josh, who was already on a MAX train and told him to head back for me, so he did.

I waited in line for a few moments, and then Ree had to excuse herself to the bathroom, lol! So we all waited a bit longer, but I didn't really mind because that gave Josh time to get back to me. Ree came back and resumed signing the cookbooks and then it was my turn!

The picture is a little blurry, but oh well. I got to meet her. Ree is so so sweet and GORGEOUS! We talked about my kids and other things I can't even remember right now, lol! I just told her how much my family loves her cooking and her show and how much I appreciated her coming to Portland. And then, it was the next persons turn to fawn over her.

Josh and I met at the Mcdonalds at the corner (since the bookstore was closed at this point) and began the super cold, 1/2 mile walk back to the MAX station. We got off at the Convention Center and had to wait for 30 minutes for the green line train to come take us back to Clackamas, so we walked to the Denny's that was next to the station and got some hot chocolate. We finally ended up getting back to our own house with all 3 kids around 1am. Our kids were super tired and Josh and I were exhausted as well. But it was all so worth it. And can you believe it, Josh did not complain once about how the evening went, since it derailed so much from our original plan.

I'm so glad I got to meet her. It was worth all the frustration and work that went into the evening. And  we got an excellent report from Josh's parents that the kids were all wonderful so I guess it all worked out okay.

Next time Ree comes to Portland, I'll drive to wherever she is...and get there much much earlier. Lesson learned. Of course, I really should of known better. Ree is a household name and super popular. Next time I'll be more prepared. :)


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