Tuesday’s Tidings

1. So my rib fracture is worse. I think I pulled another muscle somehow yesterday. I am laid up in bed and watching movies. I’m watching, “The Help” for the 2nd time now. Next up, Twilight series!

2. Gracie has been such a big help to me. I’m grateful and yet sad at the same time if that makes sense. She is taking over making some lunches, getting breakfast ready, and even helping me get dressed. I don’t want her doing these things because it truly shows how much she is growing up. But, I’m so grateful for the help.

3. I was watching, “The Help” last night and I got the biggest craving for fried chicken. I mean it’s inevitable right, I mean they only mention fried chicken half of dozen times. What do you expect a preggo woman to do? Not get a craving?? So Josh was so sweet. He picked up fried chicken on the way home, made biscuit and picked up a cute little slaw salad and brought it to me on a tray in bed. I cried I was so touched. And then I yelped in pain because crying hurts to much.

4.  Today was my last day of antibiotics. I’m coughing less and less. I’m taking that as a sign I’m getting better. But I’m going to *knock on wood* just to be on the safe side.  My cough, that is, not the rib pain.

5. Josh and I watched “Thor” the other night. It was better than Prince of Persia, I will say that much.

6. Craiglist has come through again for me. I found the same exact bunk bed that Josh and I were going buy brand new for way way way less and it came with practically new mattresses too! Josh and his brother Jeff spent 4 hours putting it together this weekend and it is awesome! The girls love it.

7. As if a bunk bed wasn’t cool enough, my dad helped Josh install our a/c unit for the bedroom too. I am one lucky girl! My mom cleaned my bathroom for me too. Now that is love!

8.  It’s amazing how being pregnant effects my hot and cold temps. I am notoriously always cold. But I’m always so warm now. I kick the blankets off me at night and the ceiling fan is always going.  Anyone else have this problem?

9. I got to hear our little nuggets heartbeat on Friday at my Dr. Appt. It always amazes me. It’s such a beautiful sound. I always feel like the poster child for being a pregnant woman while I’m laying down on the exam table listening to the heartbeat. As soon as that doppler finds the music, tears instantly spring to my eyes and I get all weepy. I can’t help myself when I think of the beauty growing inside me.

10. Can you believe I never wanted children? It’s amazing how love changes you.


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