Weekly Menu 10/3-10/9

Happy October everyone! It finally feels like Fall and I’m so happy about that. My house is decorated with all of my Autumn harvest decor and the weather has gotten much cooler and alas, the rain has returned. I even put away all the indoor fans today :)

I’m so sorry for not posting while I was away. We got back from Sunriver Saturday evening and we were wiped out from our emotional goodbye of Central Oregon as well as the long drive back home. But we had such a fantastic time away as a family. 8 days of beautiful weather and memory making as a family. I know  that some people would welcome the break from their spouses upon their return of vacation, but I think Josh and I were kind of mourning the reality that awaited us. But, we’re back home and though I know we would both much rather still be on vacation, that is not the case and so all we can do is jump back into our everyday crazy blessed life and ride the wave. I for one, am excited to start cooking again!

A lot of the meals this week you might recognize from our previous menu, but we never got around to making them due to time and weather.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Nothing fancy kids, the soup is out of a can and it’s a leftover meal from our vacation. We gotta go grocery shopping tonight so it’s convenience at it’s finest.
Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese with green beans
Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes with ground turkey breast instead of beef
Tamale Pie with a side salad
Panini’s of some kind, served with chips
I plan on doing some baking this week. My brother in law is leaving for Ecola Bible College on Sunday and even though he has a meal plan down there, I want to send him with some home-baked goodies. And since the family will be headed to the coast to get Jeffrey all settled, they will also be stopping in on Jessica, my other sister in law who is attending the same school and I’ll be sending some yummy things for her as well…she doesn’t have a meal plan, so I want to make her life a bit easier.

And Cookies of some kind, but I haven’t decided which kind yet :)
What are you cooking up this week?


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    So glad to see the pumpkin mac made the list! :) I think you will love it- it had to grow on me for a few bites, but later I just couldn’t stop sneaking nibbles out of the pan! Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, the pumpkin gingerbread from allrecipes.com is fantastic- even made their cookbook. Moist and delicious, with the most amazing aroma ever. :D

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