Weekly Menu 10/10-10/14

How do you all like the new look of Catz in the Kitchen? Josh and I spent quite a few hours working on it the other day and I’m still in the process of playing around with different ideas and fixing certain things. If you haven’t noticed the “About Catz in the Kitchen” with my little picture is missing which is frustrating because I’m not sure where it went. I never removed it, it just up and left and I can’t add it back. Sooo, I’m trying to figure that little gem out.

Aside from creating a new look, my family and I have been sick this past week. So a lot of the dinners I had planned didn’t work out well, so that explains why you will see some repeat meals. This won’t be traditional menu week you are used to. Josh, the kids and I are leaving Saturday morning to fly to L.A. to spend some time with Josh’s grandparents whom we haven’t seen in about 2 years.  We leave this Saturday and won’t be returning till Wednesday early evening sometime, and then the very next day, our church launches it’s yearly kids club, Awana and this year I’m going to be leading one of the classes with my sister in law. But I will try very hard not to keep you hanging while I’m gone :)

My sister in law and her husband are in town for a few days, so it’s dinner at my in-laws home :)
Tamale Pie
Mexican Slop

Pan-Seared Swai with Sweet potatoes or Rice Pilaf and a Garden Salad
Date Night…either Thursday or Friday
Soaking up the L.A. Sun :)
I don’t have much on my list of things to bake this week. Since today being Columbus Day is a bank holiday, Josh is off, and therefore, doesn’t really need his usual homemade cookies in his lunches. So I’m taking the week off from cookie making. But I would like to make some muffins for the girls this week and dessert for the night we have the fish.
Muffins….I can’t decide between there Blackberry Lime muffins or these Apple Pie Muffins.
Which muffins do you think I should bake for the girls ?


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